What This Covers

This is an All Risks Policy designed for persons hiring equipment on a temporary basis, for use in the Entertainment/Media Industry under a formal hire agreement.

Main exclusions

– The Policy Excess – the first amount of each and every valid claim as stated in the Policy Schedule
– Corrosion, rust, change in temperature, dampness, wet or dry rot, shrinkage, vermin, insects, scratching and tearing
– Delay, confiscation or detention by Customs or Government officials
– Unexplained disappearance or inventory shortage
– War and Civil War
– Act of Terrorism – policy can be extended to include this cover upon request
– Jewellery, precious stones/metals, bullion, furs, rare books or works of art
– Theft from UNLOCKED unattended vehicles and where equipment is visible from the exterior of the vehicle
– Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown

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